Tandem Cairns

Terms and Conditions

If you have an questions about our products, bookings or anything to do with your skydive with us please give us a call on 1300 SKYDIVE (1300 759 348) and one of our friendly team can assist.

Thanks and see you soon for your first free fall skydive in Cairns in the Tropical North !

Below are our terms and conditions for skydiving with Tandem Cairns in Cairns.

Tandem Cairns


By making a booking you agree to the following terms and conditions which are publicly available on our web site or by request.

All bookings are given a checkin time only. This is not a jump time. Failure to turn up at the assigned checkin time may result in delays to your jump. You will need to checkin and complete paperwork and briefings prior to your jump so it is important you checkin on time.

Bookings are non-refundable however you may change your booking date or checkin time with 24hrs prior notice. Should weather prevent your jump proceeding all payments remain valid for a period of 12 months from original booking date and you are free to choose an alternative date.

Less that 24hours prior notice will result in a $20 re booking fee being charged. If you think you may be unable to choose alternative dates or have limited availability or are traveling we strongly advise you choose booking insurance.

Booking Insurance

Booking insurance is $19 per person which must be paid at the time of booking and allows you to receive a full refund (not including the $19 insurance).

Booking insurance will protect you should you be unable to jump due to weather and not be able to rebook to another date or transfer your booking to another of our skydive locations. It also covers you for sickness and breakdowns on the day of your skydive as long as you notify us prior to your checkin time on the day of your jump allowing you to re book to another date or receive a full refund less the pre paid booking insurance fee of $19 per person.

** Booking Insurance is not available with Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers are not refundable but are transferable.

At the time of booking ALL validity of packages, prices and offers must be confirmed by the customer booking the skydive. We reserve the right to refuse expired, invalid or unconfirmed offers or packages. To change your booking we require 24 hours notice.

We require a $100 deposit per person prior to the booking date. Deposits are a per person payment payment and may not be used to pay the balance of another persons skydive. Deposits are transferable to another person to pay their deposit and remain valid for 12 months.

If you fail to checkin on the day of your booking any deposit is forfeit.

There are no refunds without booking insurance. Booking insurance does not cover persons failing to checkin on the day of their booking without giving prior notice.

In extraordinary circumstances where a refund does take place without booking insurance a $40 administrational fee per person will be charged.

Safety is a large consideration when skydiving, factors such as wind, cloud, rain, and other factors such as air traffic can affect the time it takes to complete your skydive activity. Weather can change for better or worse in minutes. Whilst we endeavor to complete an individual’s jump within 2-3 hours of arrival, we advise you to arrive with no time constraints – you should plan for this to be at least a half-day’s activity.

Aircraft are mechanical and periodically require servicing and maintenance; we reserve the right to change aircraft type without notice. On occasion, these aircraft changes, weather , Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other operational considerations
may require us to change our operational altitude without notice. Any unplanned Aircraft availability or other unexpected circumstances beyond our control preventing jumps proceeding: Bookings may be changed to any other date within 12 months of the original booking date. Any refund request due to jumps not proceeding and customers being unable to choose alternative dates requires booking insurance.

Medical conditions or any other considerations that may affect your skydive should be discussed with us prior to your booking. No alcohol / recreational drugs or medication that may affect or impair your judgment are to be taken.

Gift Vouchers are non-refundable but are transferable. Vouchers will expire 12 months after purchase. Failure to checkin on your chosen date and time will render your voucher invalid.

Extending a Gift Voucher expiry date:

We understand that things do pop up, or time can pass you by. If you forget to redeem your voucher there are some options to extend the value of your voucher.

Not Expired - Extension Required

If your voucher hasn't expired, we can extend your voucher for an additional 3 months for an administration fee of $50. An extension can only be made once.

Voucher Expired - within 30 days of expiry

If your voucher has been expired for 30 days or less we can reactivate your voucher for a fee of $50 this will extend your gift voucher for 30 days.

Voucher Expired - 31 days or more past expiry

If your voucher has been expired for 31 days or more the voucher cannot be extended under any circumstances.

Booking a Gift Voucher.

You need to redeem your Gift Voucher PRIOR to the jump day online or by calling and letting us know your voucher number, otherwise you will be unable to use the voucher on the day of your jump.

If you lose or misplace your voucher you can still redeem the voucher by quoting your voucher number when booking. To physically replace a lost or misplaced voucher is $25 inc express postage. You must safeguard your voucher number; we will honor or redeem any voucher if a valid (unused) voucher number is quoted.


Weight is an important factor in Aviation and Skydiving. It affects aircraft weight and balance , fuel allowances and climb rates.
Weight is also an important factor on a Tandem jump. It affects equipment maintenance, your instructors workload and manufacturers limits and specifications on equipment.

Please note that MAXIMUM weight for a Tandem skydive is 110kg

All passengers over 95kg a surcharge will apply as follows:

95kg and over $25
100kg and over $50
110kg $100

Minimum age is 12 years old and all minors must have a legal guardian present on the day of the jump.

Whilst it is not mandatory to book a video, it is advisable, as on some occasions a late change of mind may result in disappointment.
All bookings require a $100 deposit per person paid at the time of booking to secure your checkin time. If due to weather or after your arrival you are unable to complete your skydive your booking remains valid for 12 months from the original booking
date and you may select another date. Deposits may not be used to pay the balance of another persons skydive. Deposits are transferable to pay another persons deposit.

Video and photo charges:

If all footage is unavailable due to camera failure or other unforeseen circumstances you will be offered a second skydive on the same day with camera AT NO CHARGE, or a full refund of your video/photo product payment.

If there is a partial camera failure resulting in partial footage only the full charge will still apply as cameras are subject to harsh environmental conditions that are outside of our direct control and , although not common, camera failures can occur.